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Hi, I'm JP

Musician, Live Performer, Loop artist and YouTuber with a degree in Digital Music and a passion for Music Tech, JP is your course leader and the man who started JohnPaulMusicUK

(well, it is his name after all!)

How To Loop Like A Pro

JP's full first course pulling on his 15 years of knowledge and experience as a loop artist to help you get set up, up your game and get looping FAST!


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How Do You Loop? Podcast

In this series of interviews, we dive into the minds of different loop artists, from different genres around the world. 

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Hop on a 90 min call with JP for looping, live streaming or music production help.



One-on-One Coaching x5!

Hop on 5x 90 min calls with JP for looping, live streaming or music production help and save some serious dough at the same time!


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